Consumer Intent
to Revenue

Move beyond long keyword lists and higher bids with our AI powered partner tools and cross channel attribution models.


Created an active online community of decision makers for a software giant

Enabled strategic re-engagement of the website visitors on social and professional channels. In a span of just 3 months, the social channels became an important line of communication to existing clients. This channel attracted a similar audience, bringing in relevant buyer personas - thereby widening the existing funnel. In 6 months, the channel became the biggest upselling platform in the country.

Performance Media Services


Outrank competition with strategic visibility on search engines and add the most powerful engine of growth (highest consumer intent) for conversions or conversations.

Display Marketing

Follow your customers wherever they go. Influence decision making strategically at all stages of conversion funnel and create a powerful brand.

Social Media Marketing

Influence your customers through vast audience reach and power of conversations. Deploy advanced cross platform targeting and retargeting based on social activities and interest of users.

Programmatic Advertising

Data Driven Visibility for optimum ROI. Harness the power of data to automate media buying. Get visibility through the most premium ad inventory on the internet.

Video Marketing

Make your brand go viral. Exploit the most effective way of delivering a message with the most advanced contextual targeting tools.

In Game Marketing

Mobile games are the second largest ad channel after TV, bigger than Hollywood. Create an everlasting audio-visual impact without interrupting the user experience.

E Commerce Marketing

Outshine your competitor on retail platforms. Drive incremental performance with strategic visibility and promotions.

OOH Marketing

Capture user attention outdoors. Increase your brand popularity by strategic positioning based on actual demography details of the footfall.

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